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Magnimar Items for Current Month

Item with a cost or enchantment cost of 12,800gp or less can be found with a 75% chance.


All available and searched items are listed here.


As per the scholar class by Tripod Machine.


Size Stacking

The following spell effects are all considered size bonuses and do not stack with each other:

Character Creation

This is a series of house rules for pathfinder character creation.

Twilight Imperium Setup

Twilight Imperium is a fairly complex game, with many variants. When our playgroup runs this game, we use a specific set of options.

Lukain Viterri

Lukain is one of the few half-elves not to feel the full sting of his mixed heritage. His mother Radiana Pelotti lived in the small town of Whistledown, known for it's strange racial cultural mix of humans and gnomes. As a young man, he helped his mother clerk the village library, where he grew to love lore, old books, and the legends they contained.

After discovering a spellbook in the library, Lukain yearned to discover the wonders of it's pages. A gnome magus took him under his wing and taught him the ways of the arcane.

Ogrim Thunderstout

Born in Janderhoff, but raised in Riddleport. Ogrim was born to make armor. At least that's what his father, Bairn Thunderstout wanted for him.

After some poor choices involving an investment in an expidition gone bad, Bairn left Janderhoff in shame and moved to Riddleport: Ogrim was raised in a city of scoundrels and magicians.

Ismira Korvaski

Born and raised in Sandpoint, Ismira is the only daughter of Hayliss Korvaski, the owner of the Sandpoint Boutique. Besides one day inheriting her mother's store, Ismira has also inherited her mother's devotion to Abadar and dislike of the Scarnetti family.

Raised a devout worshipper of her mother's deity Abadar, Ismira's fervor has caused her to become one of Abadar's favored chosen. The day Ismira showed her gift, her uncle Jasper bequethed his old adventuring gear to her.

Piecemeal Armor

This variant is adapted from the Piecemeal Armor variant in Ultimate Combat™ ©2011 Paizo Publishing, LLC.

Piecemeal Penalty: Whenever combining armor pieces from different sets, also reduce the AC bonus by 1 and the Maximum Dex Bonus by 1. (As well as increasing the Arcane Spell Failure by 5%)

Armor Check Penalty: When determining armor check penalty, add the armor check penalty from all combined armor pieces instead of taking the worst option.

Armor Size Downgrade: When wearing a single piece of armor, increase the Maximum Dex Bonus by 2 and reduce it's Armor Size by one. (From Heavy to Medium or Medium to Light)

Raised at Sea

Raised at Sea: +1 to Perception and Profession (sailor). In addition, you get a +2 bonus on Diplomacy checks when dealing with someone with rank(s) in Profession (sailor).


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